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Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator

What is my body mass index (BMI) and BMI classification?

This BMI calculator will help you determine your approximate Body Mass Index (BMI), which is a measure of body fat and helps determine if your heart and cardiovascular system may be overworked. Just enter your weight and height to calculate your BMI, BMI classification, and the weight range for the classification.

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Field Help

Input Fields

TitleA title for these calculator results that will help you identify it if you have printed out several versions of the calculator.

US/MetricChoose US or Metric units.

WeightYour current scale weight.

HeightYour height. Use feet (ft) and inches (in) if units is US or centimeters (cm) if units is Metric.

Output Fields

Body Mass IndexYour approximate Body Mass Index (BMI), which is a representation of the amount of body fat. The lower the number the more toward underweight you tend to be; the higher the number the more toward overweight you tend to be.

ClassificationYour BMI weight classification. Some people have a higher than average amount of lean mass. BMI results will not be as accurate for those people.

Weight RangeA person this Height could be any Weight within this range and still be in the calculated Classification.

BMI Range TableUse this table to see how close your calculated BMI is to the next BMI range. This table shows you the BMI Range for each Classification. It also shows the weight range of each classification for a person of your height.

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