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Days Until Next Birthday Calculator

How many days are there until my next birthday?

How many days are there until your next birthday or someone else's birthday? (You need to know so you can order that gift and it will arrive on time.) Enter today's date (or any other date) and your birthdate and this calculator will tell you how many days there are until the next birthday. It also shows how old you will be on the next birthday.

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Sophia   2 more days until I'm 13!!! - 12/14/2014 1:27:43 PM

sparkel jones   22 more days until birth day next age is a teenager 13 YESSSS - 12/13/2014 1:51:24 PM

kyle greeough   it is 14 days till xmas woop woop I know what I am getting I am getting as iphone - 12/12/2014 2:58:21 AM

angelina   14 days until christmas - 12/10/2014 8:01:43 AM

Cheyenne   9 more days untill my birthday! :D - 12/6/2014 5:28:33 PM

Alex   Days Until Birthday 39 days and i am gunna be 18 yayaa - 12/4/2014 3:05:14 PM

tytiana   aiyyy turn tf up imma have a sweet 16 oopen invite!!!!!! - 12/3/2014 5:44:53 PM

andrew   i have 2 days until my birthday turning 75 - 12/3/2014 3:28:51 PM

Ajiya swaggy   Hey 163 days till my b-day yall gonna be 11 ima bosss don't know why I used a potion because I was getting old my last birthday I turned 32 wow im awesome - 12/1/2014 8:36:46 PM

Olivia Marino   How long until my birthday. My birthday is Sunday, 3rd February 2002 - 11/28/2014 11:31:54 AM

C   12 more days to be 18! - 11/20/2014 1:34:26 PM

HellzYaBitches-Justiniqua   8 days and I am 18 niggas, all yall be jealous Beez. now I am a woman oh me n the baewill have the best birthday sex ever. - 11/20/2014 1:32:04 PM

Olivia   22 days till my birthday!!! 12/12! - 11/19/2014 4:25:38 PM

normandy   1,510 days till I'm 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 11/16/2014 12:55:26 PM

Trinketsoflove   3 days till my bday! Gonna be 12! - 11/16/2014 11:08:50 AM

Elizabeth   My birthday is in 17more dayz so darn excited and happy like seriously :) :) - 11/15/2014 9:42:05 PM

lillt   ny bday - 11/14/2014 1:26:40 PM

hans   11 days until 16 whooooooooohoo i made it yo - 11/13/2014 4:32:50 AM

Des   41 days till im 15!!! - 11/11/2014 7:05:44 PM

Tazz   109 days until I'm 15. :) - 11/6/2014 10:27:13 AM

Field Help

Input Fields

TitleA title for these calculator results that will help you identify it if you have printed out several versions of the calculator.

DateEnter a date (or use the calendar icon to pick a date) to be used in the calculations.

BirthdateEnter a birthdate (or use the calendar icon to pick a birthdate) to be used as a basis for the calculations.

Output Fields

Days Until BirthdayThe number of days from 'Date' until the next birthday after 'Date'.

Age on BirthdayThe age you will be on the birthday shown, which will be the next birthday after the chosen 'Date'.

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